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Here are a few highlights from our body of work, showing our ability to deliver on diverse projects.

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Tuttelu.dk Subscription Sales Flow

Our team was tasked with designing and implementing a comprehensive subscription sales flow for Tuttelu.dk’s diaper box product, also known from “Løvens Hule” (The Danish version of “Dragons Den”). The project included variable diaper sizes, the ability for customers to add additional products to the subscription box, and the unique feature of a trial diaper pack that automatically transitions to a subscription diaper pack.

Tuttelu Form

Personalised Form

Customers start by filling out a form about their child, allowing the system to recommend the most appropriate diaper size and store details about the child on the subscription order. This was done by connecting to the form and storing the response in the WooCommerce Session, which allows for later usage of the response data in the sales flow.

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Size Picker (with Visual Display of Selections)

After obtaining the necessary data, customers move to the size picker stage where they can review and select the recommended diaper size or choose a different one.
The biggest challenge in this step was creating a visual representation of the selected diaper sizes added to the box. Leveraging the power of jQuery, our team crafted a solution that dynamically fills boxes at the bottom of the page to visually show the customer’s selections.

Additional Products

Next, customers can browse and select from a range of additional products to add to their subscription or choose to make a one-time purchase. Implementing this feature was a unique challenge as it required us to modify the WooCommerce add-to-cart request, controlling whether the product would be added as a subscription product or a one-time purchase. By utilizing a combination of jQuery and PHP, our team facilitated communication between the frontend and backend, thereby successfully incorporating this flexible purchasing option.

Subscription Interval Selection

Customers are given the option to select their preferred subscription interval, providing them with flexibility and control over their orders. The preselected and recommended interval is set to every 4th week, allowing the customer to go to the next step without needing to select an interval.

Personalised Subscription Naming

As part of our commitment to user-friendly experiences, we store data about the child with each subscription order. This allows each subscription to be named after the child, making it easier for parents, particularly those with multiple children, to identify which subscription is linked to which child.


The final stage takes the customer to the cart and checkout process where they review their order and finalise the transaction.

Trial Pack

We incorporated a feature offering a trial diaper pack, allowing customers to try the product before committing to a full subscription. This feature also added additional complementary products to the trial pack without any further customer interaction. Once the trial pack subscription was placed, we programmed a seamless transition to the regular subscription. The trial pack is shipped after the order is placed, while the actual subscription box is scheduled for shipment 14 days later. The actual subscription box is non-binding and can always be cancelled.


Our solution created a seamless, easy-to-navigate subscription sales flow that improved the customer’s purchasing experience. The introduction of the trial diaper pack, the effortless transition to a full subscription, and the personalised subscription naming significantly enhanced the user experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Monsius – An Augmented Reality App for TipTapTudse

Our team worked with TipTapTudse to develop the Monsius app, a cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) app for children. The app pairs with physical carpets or walls created and sold by TipTapTudse, adding an immersive digital layer to these physical items. Primarily aimed at educational institutions but also available for private users, Monsius enhances learning and play experiences by bringing the static physical objects to life.

Augmented Reality Implementation

Using the Wikitude SDK, we enabled the app to recognise and enhance TipTapTudse’s carpets and paintings with AR elements, which can be viewed using the camera of a user’s device.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The app was developed using Flutter for cross-platform compatibility, ensuring the app functions seamlessly both on iOS and Android devices.

Public Availability

Following successful development, the app was released on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for easy accessibility.

Key Challenge & Resolution

The greatest challenge of this project was integrating the Wikitude SDK with Flutter. The Flutter version of the Wikitude SDK was poorly maintained and did not keep up with significant Flutter updates. As a result, our team had to stay in close communication with Wikitude’s developers to ensure optimal app performance. Despite this challenge, we managed to deliver a high-performing, user-friendly AR app that enhances learning and play for children.


Monsius successfully integrates physical products with digital enhancements, offering a unique and engaging experience for its young users. Through addressing the technical challenges and creating a reliable and enjoyable app, we have facilitated an exciting new dimension of play and learning.

SWEET – Data Verification and Cleaning

We partnered with the University of Copenhagen to contribute to the SWEET project, a multicenter clinical trial examining the long-term effects of sweeteners and sweetness enhancers on public health, obesity, and sustainability. Our team provided crucial data integrity services through thorough data checking and cleaning processes.

Collaboration with the University of Copenhagen

As one of the SWEET partners and the main project coordinator, the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports (NEXS) at the University of Copenhagen entrusted us with the important task of managing, checking, and cleaning the collected data from all SWEET partners.

Familiarisation with REDCap

Our team utilised the REDCap data collection platform, exporting raw data for subsequent analysis and cleaning.

Data Verification

With a set of data rules at our disposal, we designed a program in R to scrutinise the raw data. The program identified all instances of rule violations and generated a detailed report in an Excel workbook format. Each SWEET partner received a worksheet highlighting erroneous data and providing explanations for the flagged entries.

Data Cleaning and Export

Once all data was inspected and the research sites had an opportunity to make corrections, we performed a final round of data cleaning. The cleaned, rule-compliant data was then exported in the format required by the SWEET project’s data hub for further analysis.


Our rigorous data checking and cleaning processes significantly contributed to the integrity and accuracy of the SWEET project’s outcomes. By ensuring that the data adhered to the project’s stringent standards, we facilitated the generation of trustworthy, high-quality results that supported the project’s critical research goals.

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